our recent work

April 2022

Generative NFT of studio style apartments in South Korea. Built in public via an Ooju-sponsored 8 week live stream series.

March 2022

Sugar Maple is an 8-part fiction podcast + NFT collection that traces the journey of a guitar, its owners, and the music they make together.

March 2022

Generative art project featuring automatic staking payouts for holders.

April 2022

Get exclusive access to an Airstream Mercedes Class B Camping van, stocked with your choice of food and gear for your next awe-inspiring adventure.

January 2022

Go back to high school, the Korean way. K-Goding is a PFP project with an innovative 'build your own avatar' generator, all on-chain. Roadmap includes a DAO and in-person events.

November 2021 (SOLD OUT)

633 hand drawn pieces representing every station on the Seoul Metro subway system. Following sell-out we hosted an in-person exhibition in Hongdae, Seoul Korea. Launched in partnership with YouTuber Sean Pablo.

September 2021 (SOLD OUT)

Gimbap is a collection of 52 (오이) hand-drawn pieces of gimbap (김밥), a popular Korean snack made of seaweed, rice, and fillings like ham and cucumber.

October 2021

On Hangul Day (10/9) we launched 1,009 generative Hangul characters to celebrate King Sejong's invention of the Korean writing system. Holder perks included a 3d printable model of one's owned assets.

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